About Cees-Jan van der Ende

I’m a passionate all round photographer specialized in military aviation photography. My photos and articles are being publicized in magazines worldwide.

I started my career as a small kid, in the mid-80’s, trying to catch some shots of jet fighters at Air Base Soesterberg, close to my hometown Utrecht in the Netherlands. The following years I continued to progress with my Nikon cameras and lenses.

In the late 90’s I made a prime publication on the arrival of the inventory of the Argentine Air Force McDonnell Douglas A-4AR fighting hawks, in colaboration with Argentinian colleague Santiago Rivas. This publication led to several other publications on this topic around the globe, and turned out to be ground breaking for the rest of my career.

In the beginning of the 21st century I was granted permission by Brazillian Navy Commanders to sail on the first operational trip of the A12 São Paulo aircraft carrier as well as to fly with the AF-1 Skyhawks of VF-1 ‘Falcões’. This became my first fighter jet air-to-air photography assignment, one of many to follow.

Currently I have about 70 backseat hours on fighter aircraft, light attack and training aircraft with many different forces in Europe and Latin America. I did many assignments working from helicopters, tanker and transport aircraft.

I’m specialized in air-to-air photography, which is extremely difficult to achieve in the military aviation world. The work remains a challenge as it might be hampered by weather conditions, operational circumstances, language and time limits. I try to capture the aircraft in action (man and machine) during day and night through hard work and close cooperation with the people I work with. It gives me a major kick when I am able to get the shots I, and all the parties involved, like and need.

I reached this level of photography by being enthusiastic, persuasive and creative. My bag is filled with Nikon D4s and D800E professional cameras and aperture 2.8 lenses ranging from 14 to 400mm.